Thai Reflexology Foot Massage Invigorates & Deeply Relaxes!

Foot Massage is the the application of pressure onto particular points on the soles of the feet. This reflex action in said to stimulate parts within the body. Unlike other massages that use thumbs, palms hands, elbow, knee and foot, foot reflexology massage uses hands, fingers and a wood stick with cream and oil. There are scientific facts that prove specific benefits of foot massage. In particular that foot massage increases blood circulation in the feet and body. This can increase blood flow whilst also soothing aches and pains and increasing flexibility.

When it comes to relaxing your feet, nothing can be more soothing than a foot massage. Like any other part of your body your feet also need to be taken care of, especially since we spend most of the day standing on our feet. Foot massage has become more popular in Australia as people discover its theraputic benefits.

Urban Thai Massage and Foot Spa offers a couple of foot massage treatments including reflexology and aromatherapy foot massages. We are located on both Edward Street and Adelaide Street in the heart of Brisbane which makes us the preferred massage and foot spa in the Brisbane CBD.

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